Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sons of Otis - S E I S M I C

First, I cannot explain how excited I was when I read that Ken Baluke & company (Frank Sargeant/Ryan Aubin) were recording Seismic.  I had been searching through YouTube while Sons of Otis were touring Europe last year some time and would catch jams such as Guilt, Far from Fine, and Cosmic Jam.  Knowing these were just new jams they were working on made the anticipation even that much more unbearable when news of Seismic's recording came to light. 

Small Stone is currently having a Pre-Order on Seismic that comes with an immediate digital download and when the album releases, will be shipped to your house on CD.  (Fyi, I chose the ALAC download and listening on my Sennheiser 280 Pro sounds incredible).

Here is a link to the Pre-Order:

Some stand out tracks are definitely Lessons, Guilt, PK and Cosmic Jam.  Please check out the bandcamp URL and pre-order for what will be the best Stoner/Psych/Doom releases of 2012!

Kick ass job, Sons of Otis.  Ken and Frank have been able to become one while jamming these crushing riffs that Otis has been putting out for 20 years now, and with Ryan's heavy and tight drumming Otis will continue to be one of the most under rated bands.  Sons of Otis will change your life.  From the man himself, Ken Baluke, only one thing can be said for S E I S M I C....."Dig."

Starting again...

Hey everyone, I'm getting back into the blog again.  I won't be posting anymore music downloads but will be posting music reviews, current event news and anything I think is relevant in this life.  Hopefully you enjoy it!

-stoned/cosmic space tourer

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stoned robots making sweet love...

This post right here is for all the electronica/IDM/noise fans out there. I've already listened to this EP many times over and thoroughly enjoy every listen. Let me know if you cats feel the same as I do, this description comes straight from Sine Nine's MySpace:

"I'm super happy this release has finally come to fruition. It's something I really enjoyed making, and I hope you enjoy listening to it.
If you enjoy Grey, please feel free to use the included artwork however you like on your sites/blogs/MySpaces/Facebooks/etc to help spread the word...

If you have any comments, or want to ask me a question, or want to call me a douchebag, feel free to email me at

Thanks for listening."


Sine Nine - Grey

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Old One - Self Titled Preview

Just received this video from Old One. Their live show blew me the fuck away, and this album will no doubt blow you all away. Please check this out and show them some love.

Old One - self-titled (Preview)